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As Glencoe is a small community, parking is at a premium. Once again, the Glencoe Grand Prix is taking extra care to assist residents and businesses with parking options during race day. Just like last year, parking in regular spaces is limited to 2 hours per Village regulations. If you are in a space for more than two hours, you will be ticketed.

However, as a special accommodation, we are alerting riders to the following notice: Even though you are able to park in the spaces legally, we are asking that riders on race day DO NOT park in any of the spaces on Park Avenue between Vernon and Hazel, any spaces on Vernon north of Park Avenue (the final turn) or any of the spaces on Village Court Road in front of the Village Hall where race registration takes place. Please park one block east in the commuter lots of the Glencoe train station. Those volunteers have been instructed not to complete the registration for any rider parking in the off-limits spots. As applicable, the registrars at the Fire House will gladly issue a refund of your online registration (less USAC transaction fees), and cannot accept any payment of an on-site registration for you. Glencoe Public Safety has been alerted to this change and will also be on the lookout for cars parked in these spaces without the Village of Glencoe registration sticker.

Again this year, the Temple Court Parking lot, the lot just South of the start/finish line near Hazel and Vernon, will be patrolled and off limits to cyclists. This lot is for employees of local businesses and will require the display of B lot rear view mirror parking permits in order to enter.

Since we've begun this event, we have stressed the need for riders to park in the commuter lots at the train station, barely a block east of Green Bay Road. These lots are very close to the race course. Please be considerate of our gracious hosts and park in one of those lots if you are racing.

For more information pleasedownload the parking map on this page.