Reason Why CBD Oil for Dogs Is Important

CBD oil for dogs can help ease your pain without nasty side effects like dizziness or nausea accompanying many prescription drugs. There is substantial evidence supporting the use of Holistapet CBD for treating pain, seizures, and mental disorders in dogs and humans.


Pet lovers know that animals are individual beings with different personalities. Not all dogs respond well to the same medications because they have unique needs like humans. For example, some can’t handle the side effects of traditional seizure medications as effectively as others.


In this post, we will be exploring CBD oil for dogs who suffer from various ailments such as seizures or arthritis and how it might be helpful for you to consider this option if you have an older dog with mobility issues or other health problems.


CBD, or Cannabidiol, has many positive health benefits for humans and their pets. According to WebMD, CBD (or CBD oil) is a natural substance that can be derived from cannabis or hemp plants. The oil contains a chemical compound with calming and pain-relieving effects. While the compound is found in both plants, it is more prevalent in hemp than in marijuana. This means that people looking to use CBD oil are more likely to find it on their local pet store’s shelves than at their dispensary. Here are some of the reasons why CBD oil for dogs is essential.


Many studies have been conducted to determine how CBD oil would affect cancer treatment in humans and animals. In 2011, a study by Colorado State University found that mice with large tumors had a better chance of living longer when administered CBD oil after chemotherapy. The treatment also helped reduce any side effects often associated with chemotherapy treatments, such as nausea, vomiting, and pain. It is beneficial for dogs suffering from advanced cancer as it gives them more energy. It has also benefited those with epilepsy, anxiety, and MS.


The main concern for many pet owners about medical marijuana comes from the possibility of adverse side effects. While most CBD oils contain trace amounts of THC (potent, psychoactive compound), the charge is small enough that it will not produce a high in your dog’s body. Some do not contain any THC and are ideal for dogs with epilepsy or seizure disorders. In addition to these CBD oil products, other supplements can be added to the diet, such as Real Scientific Hemp Oil or a raw diet which consists mainly of natural foodstuffs such as green leafy vegetables (and no grains).