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Where To Watch The Glencoe Grand Prix

Where to watch the race

With the introduction of the long course in 2010, the GGP  has great new places to watch the race. Of course, there will be the bleachers at the start finish line as always, but we want to alert spectators to Triangle Park. Triangle Park is on the west side of the course and watch the riders coming at you on South Avenue, then head south on Bluff Avenue.  Then see them return up the quick but tough climb on South and watch as they head back to town on Hazel. Bring a chair and relax while you watch some of the best pro and amateur riders around. There will be facilities at Triangle Park, as well as First Aid and Neutral Support for the riders. Triangle Park is a great place to get a new perspective on the GGP. 

In addition to Triangle Park, you can enjoy all the action in Turn 1 on the lawn of the beautiful St. Elisabeth's Church. You can watch some very technical bike riding at the bottom of the hill at Washington and Valley. Or check out Turn 7 at Grove Avenue and Park Avenue on the sports fields of Central School. Be sure to see all the final turn action back in town. You can watch the peloton gear up for the final sprint to the finish from Park Avenue down Vernon Avenue.

The GGP's unique course offers a great many different perspectives on bike racing. So plan on making it a day of race watching and check them all out! See you on June 2!