How to open seller account in amazon: everything to know

How to open seller account in amazon: everything to know

Selling on Amazon is growing in popularity not just in the US but also internationally. On the website of Amazon, you may sell almost everything, including books, groceries, and personalised t-shirts. But where do you begin? What should one do first? When you initially start out, attempting to master all the acronyms like FBA, MF, OA, RA, ROI, COGS, LTSF, etc. might be intimidating. Additionally, you must learn how to use Amazon’s marketplace, find your way through their seller site, and decide what to sell, where to locate it, and how to determine whether it will even sell.

 Selecting A Selling Strategy

On Amazon, there are two selling options: Individual and Professional. how to open seller account in amazon? It’s a BIG question and it is crucial to make the appropriate choice. If you want to sometimes offer single goods, an Individual plan is right for you. If you sell a lot of items on a monthly basis, a professional plan is the ideal option.

Personal selling strategy

There is no monthly fee for the Individual plan. You will be charged $0.99 for each unit you sell, though. If you’re planning to sell fewer than 40 things each month, this strategy will work for you.

  • You plan to sell fewer than 40 units monthly;
  • You’re testing what to sell;
  • You’re going to sell from time to time;
  • You’re not going to advertise or use advanced seller tools.

Professional sales strategy

The monthly cost for a professional account is $39.99. If you intend to sell more than 40 goods each month, you will save money by switching to a professional account. The Professional package also grants you access to a variety of marketing and reporting tools. You may sign up for several seller programmes, be eligible for the Buy Box, and more.

being an amazon affiliate

If any of the following apply to you:

  • you plan to sell more than 40 units a month;
  • you want to advertise your items;
  • you intend to qualify for top placement on product detail pages («win the Buy Box»);
  • you’re going to use Amazon marketing, selling, and reporting tools;
  • you want to enroll in seller programs;
  • you plan to sell products in restricted categories.

Create your Seller Central account after deciding between the Individual and Professional selling options.

Concluding Remarks

You must sign up as a seller on Amazon before you can begin selling. You must first register as an Amazon seller in order to accomplish this. You must choose between the Individual and Professional selling plans and register on Amazon.

After that, you must decide which profitable things to market. You can pick the best items with the use of seller tools. With these tools, you can make money while avoiding things that cause sellers problems.